Precious 24 Hours

Living in the click-and-go age like these days, we’re getting used to wake up to the sound of notifications from new messages, likes, comments, or news updates — instead of alarm clock.

Nothing seems unusual with that, except the fact that an hour later those notifications start to shape up our mood towards the day. Sounds familiar?

Any idea how to reverse this? Here’s what I teach myself daily.
Instead of being triggered all the time, at the beginning of our daily routine we can categorise things we read/hear based on these two questions: 1. Is it significant? 2. Is it urgent?

Too often we voluntarily respond to insignificant news that waste our energy.

We read false message that contributes nothing to productivity. Even worse, sometimes we virtually battle opposite opinions that easily change overnight.

What I imply here is, not every thing that comes into our sight and hearing is actually urgent or important. We don’t have to defend our personal opinion even if we think it’s the truest of truth.

Our priority is always made by choice. So is the meaning of our precious 24hours.

Why giving it to someone else’s hands?

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