Dear 20-Something Girls

I hate when 20-something girls come to me in tears.

I hate because I love them so much I hate to see them sap and sob over love troubles.

Sure, I understand the broken-heart, but it shouldn’t justify the reason to dwell too long in a self-pity party.


  • In your 20s, you’re supposed to laugh more instead of whining over someone (so-called) special.
  • In your 20s, you’re supposed to have fun making careers out of your hobbies or education background, in whatever field of work you like.
  • In your 20s, you’re supposed to travel more and have diverse friends to hang out with.
  • In your 20s, you’re supposed to save money for next decades of the unknown. (you know how the world economy goes).
  • In your 20s, you need to taste more variety of wine, treat your skin better, eat healthy, and do some exercises.

Invest in your younger self, so feel free to add anything to this list.

I don’t care whether you’re in your early or late 20s, you’re not supposed to cry over anyone.

Because believe me, you’ll look more beautiful, and attractive, and powerful when you’re no longer wait for anyone to make you feel that way.


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